Firewall® incorporates flueless technology which gives you the freedom to ‘hang’ the fire where it suits you without the restriction of flues or chimneys.

The burner creates a flame pattern across the width of the fire window over a bed of glowing embers. The burner is exclusive to ESSE. Every ESSE burner is made in England and is tested before it leaves the factory.

Firewall® is available in both natural gas and LG, with a choice of sizes. In addition Firewall® incorporates long established flueless catalytic technology which allows you the freedom to ‘hang’ Firewall® without the need for a chimney or flue.

Our firewall® range of wall hung, flueless gas heaters are available in a choice of ultra stylish glass finishes. They bring warmth and style to any wall and can be located anywhere where there is a gas supply. A must for any contemporary living space.

ESSE Firewalls are recommended as secondary heat sources.

An air vent is required for all flueless gas appliances.