Is the 990 the world’s cleanest-burning cooker?

The 990, like all ESSE cookers, combines modern technology with classic ESSE quality and flies the flag for technological and environmental developments.

With three large capacity ovens (which can all maintain different temperatures for ease of use) the 990 offers a huge 112 litre cooking volume. It draws on classic ESSE styling from the 1930s, and blends vintage aesthetics with modern benefits.

The 990 can achieve heat outputs between 2kW and 8kW depending how it is operated and how much fuel is loaded. The stylish firebox features a secondary glass door enabling the flames to be admired while allowing extra heat into the room, and the large cast iron hotplate has different temperature zones for added flexibility.

The 990 heats quickly from cold, has a large log capacity and also incorporates stainless steel towel rail, perfectly weighted, insulated lids over the hotplate and easy-shut door handles. You can even use the 990’s firebox to grill directly over hot embers with cooking smells disappearing up the flue. The 990 is available with or without a hot water boiler and can also be specified as a solid fuel cooker.


  • Woodburning cooker (multifuel conversion available)
  • Oven capacity top 48 ltr
  • Oven capacity bottom 2 x 32 ltr
  • Hotplate over 6 pans
  • Suitable for continuous burning
  • Radiant heat output to room upto 5kW
  • Optional domestic hot water boiler
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990 dimensions
Model 990WN 990WD
Oven Capacity – Top 48ltr 48ltr
Oven Capacity – Bottom Ovens 2 x 32ltr 2 x 32ltr
Hotplate Over 6 pans Over 6 pans
Flue pipe diameter 6" (150mm) 6" (150mm)
Overnight burning (suitable for continuous burning) Yes Yes
Afterburn2™ technology Yes Yes
Mean boiler output inc DHW approx 6670Btu/h
Radient output to room (operating range) 3-5KW/h 3-5KW/h
Max efficiency % EN 12850 (wood) 74.8 77
Additional room vent required 1.75" Dia
Oven Dimensions – Top oven width 350mm, height 300mm, depth 460mm, Bottom ovens width 350mm, height 200mm, depth 460mm.
Clearances – Non-combustible material from sides 7mm (except when adjacent to Plus2); Combustible material from side 20mm; Combustible material from back 40mm. Weight – 404kg

ESSE 990 WN Wood-Fired Range Cooker

The ESSE 990 may very well be the world’s cleanest burning cooker, being our most technologically outstanding range cooker on offer, and one of the ones we’re most proud of. Blending a vintage look with modern technology, the 990 is everything you want your wood-fired range cooker to be, and so much more than you realised it could be. If you’re in the market for a wood-fired range cooker, the 990 is possibly the best you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Clean Burning

The ESSE 990 is possibly the world’s most clean burning cooker. It’s certainly ours. What that means is that, per kilogram of fuel, you’re getting a more intense burn, more energy from your fuel, and less waste product such as smoke and ash. Simply put, the 990 burns wood hotter than most other cookers, and leaves you with less mess to clean up afterwards. It’s also more environmentally friendly.

Environmentally Friendly

Wood is already one of the most environmentally friendly fuels, when properly sourced, due to being completely carbon neutral. Any carbon dioxide given off during the burning process is absorbed by new trees that are planted as old ones are cut down. This is all carbon dioxide that would naturally enter the atmosphere as dead trees degrade over time anyway.

However, what makes the 990 more environmentally friendly than other range cookers is that you use less fuel to achieve the same temperature, and you need to refuel it less often, so that you’re not only using a naturally carbon neutral fuel source, but you’re also saving on the amount that needs to be used, allowing more time for other trees to mature and absorb the emissions. If that’s not enough, also consider the reduced cost of fuel on your wallet thanks to the cleaner, more efficient burn.

Adjustable & Flexible

We want everyone to find a use for the ESSE 990, and to do so, we made sure that it was as adjustable and flexible as anyone could ask for, to meet all of your needs. For starters, it offers a massive 112 litre cooking volume, which should be enough for all but the largest of feasts. For the hotplate, we have made sure to offer you a variety of different temperature zones, so it’s no fuss to move your pan to wherever it needs to be for the ideal temperature in an instant, whether that means heating up towards the centre, or a lower simmer at the edges of the hot plate.

The oven itself has variable temperature outputs, between 2kW and 8kW, depending on how you load it, so you can achieve that perfect cooking temperature just by varying the amount of fuel you put on. You can even grill directly over the firebox, so there’s nothing missing from this cooker that you’d need to look elsewhere for.

The firebox has a secondary glass door, allowing you to use it to heat the room without losing heat from the oven, and to admire the flames of a traditional, wood-burning fire. You can even fit your 990 with a water boiler, which allows you to keep hot water going without any extra costs. You can specify your 990 as a multi-fuel solid fuel cooker, which gives you even more options when it comes to keeping it heated. We really have looked at this from every angle, to give you the best possible wood-fired cooker we can make.

Vintage Look With Modern Technology

Modern technology has come a long way to helping us create this amazing range cooker, but that’s not to say that we can’t also draw some great inspiration from our past as well. Esse have chosen to blend our traditional, 1930’s look with modern technology so that, as modern as this cooker is, it still has the vintage look and feel that we know our customers love and expect. Your 990 wood-fired range cooker will look as stylish as the original, while still offering you all the benefits of modern technology, the best of both worlds.